Did you know your gates must comply to European Gate Safety legislation?

Many people purchasing electric gates are unaware of the legislation that the installation must comply to. If your gates are automated, you have a working ‘machine’ at the end of your driveway. That machine has to comply to the Machine Directive and after two fatal incidents in 2010, safety of gates has become a very prominent subject in the gate automation industry.

Safety must be paramount when planning & installing electric gates. Be sure you use a reputable installer.

Gate operators that are required to move heavy and boarded gates in the wind can produce high forces.

The position and layout of the gates and motors should be designed to avoid trapping points wherever possible.

Suitable safety equipment must be fitted to electric gate systems as required to avoid hazards.

In recent years accidents involving automated gates have caused a number of injuries and fatalities in the UK. Powered gates for use on private domestic premises must comply with The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 when installed.

• Beninca (the name behind electricgatequote.co.uk) are committed to promoting gate safety. Beninca are active members of the DHF and attend regular meetings to keep completely up to speed on all gate safety issues and legal requirements.

• Beninca offer comprehensive gate safety training courses to all of our electric gate installing customers at our UK headquarters.

• Beninca provide comprehensive documentation, produced in conjunction with HSE, to all of our installing clients in order that the end user can receive a fully documented record of their installed system and it’s components with a signed Declaration of Conformity from the responsible installer.

We are pleased to answer any questions from gate installers and end users associated with gate safety.

know the law regarding electric gates

It is very important that the end user is aware of the legal responsibility of their chosen specialist gate installer to provide a safe system that conforms to the correct legal standard.

A domestic home owner is not subject to Health & Safety Law.  i.e. The home owner could install his own unsafe gate system or continue to use an unsafe system installed by others without legal reproach. However any paid contractor who subsequently works on this gate system, however small the repair or service, is liable for prosecution if the system is not safety compliant. The contractor could then be heavily fined or imprisoned in the case of an injury or fatality.  Your installing contractor is subject to health and safety law, meaning they cannot work on a non-complying system and leave it switched on. He is professionally bound to leave the gates open, turn off the power and leave a report with the home owner.

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