How do we get in and out?

By October 1, 2016Access Control
access control equipment

Family members, friends, visitors, service providers, deliveries… 

There is a huge choice of access control equipment to satisfy virtually any requirement. Here are a few of the more popular options: 

Radio Control 

Hand held radio transmitters are the most popular control device for auto gate systems. You will get two of these included with any gate automation system and you can add as many as you need. The standard two button radio transmitters can operate two pairs of electric gates, or an automatic gate and an electric garage door. Four button transmitters are also available.

Intercom Systems 

Wired and wireless intercoms can be used to communicate with your entrance and control the electric gates. Wireless intercoms are increasingly popular and proven technology now provides smart and reliable wireless choices.

Whether wired or wireless the intercom call station (mounted outside the entrance) has the same appearance and can be combined with an entry keypad.

GSM Intercoms using a sim card and a cell-phone network provider can call both your landline or mobile phone from where you can operate the gates whether you are homer or not.

A DECT intercom can operate wirelessly without the need for a sim card or network contract and we have systems that will utilise your home wifi.

Ask your specialist electricgatequote installer for more details.


A digital entry keypad allows access to authorised users upon entry of the correct four digit code. A keypad is commonly coupled with an intercom call station for entry, and a second keypad with the same code can be used to exit the gates. The entry code can be changed by the end user using a master code supplied by the installer.

Free Entry Loop / Free Exit Loop. 

Set within the driveway an induction loop will detect the presence of approaching vehicles and open the gates. Entry and Exit Loops can also be wired to your auto gates through a timer set to allow access during specific hours of the day (i.e between 7 am and 10 pm).

Key Switch & Push Button 

A simple push button can be connected to you automatic gates in an exposed or hidden position to suit passage on foot, or a key switch can offer more security and you can add a key to your keyring.